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Bizzmaxx, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a Business Consulting niche player specialized in Product Innovation, Business Model Innovation and Marketing Innovation. We combine these services with Business Analytics to create a competitive edge for midsized private and public organizations. 

Company Profile

Product Innovation

Bizzmaxx - Home - Innovation Management

Innovation is crucial both at startups and established companies. Since companies want to distinguish themselves they want to deliver new products or services and are constantly looking for the right business model.

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Business Model Innovation

Bizzmaxx - Home - Business Development

Business development creates a long-term value for your company from customers, markets and relationships. Business Model Innovation allows for long-term growing revenue stream, prestige, image and branding.

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Marketing Innovation

Bizzmaxx - Home - Pipeline Management

If your funnel is leaking too much business, you have to add a new approach and channels. In modern Marketing and Sales the silos are broken down and they work together on finding new business and closing contracts.

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