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Bizzmaxx, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a Business Consulting niche player specialized in Business Innovation, Digital Solutions and Marketing Services. We combine these services with Data Analytics to create a competitive edge for Startups and SMEs.

Company Profile

Business Innovation

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To penetrate new markets, improve customer satisfaction and increase overall revenue, you must deliver the most innovative new products before your competition. To achieve this, we can support your product development teams to  develop the right product for your customers.
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Digital Solutions

Bizzmaxx - Home - Business Development

Our design and development team is completely integrated with our marketing and strategy team, which ensures that we are always thinking about how Responsive Web Design and Buzz Marketing can add to marketing goals, increase reach, create virality and drive new business.
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Marketing Services

Bizzmaxx - Home - Pipeline Management

Marketing services gets your business message out there. If you want people to know about your product, service or event, you need to tell them about it. That’s precisely what marketing services does. It targets the audiences you want to reach, at the optimum time converting click through rates to real time customers.
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